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Blog, GitHub or both?

Christian Lempa has a Homelab Youtube channel and a blog. I was watching a video by Christian Lempa the other day: I’m destroying my website! What’s coming next?

To sum up that video: Christian spends too much of his time updating his blog that he decided to just create Github repositories for the blog-like content and focus on his videos. I kind of like the idea … but …

I’ve just started using Jekyll and GitHub Pages for my own blog, so should I delete that already and just use repositories? I decided, no. I’m going to keep updating my website/blog with my own writing, but I may put my code and the like directly in useful repos to clone and use directly. So I’m sticking with both: Blog and Github. I don’t do Youtube.

Remember to check out Christians Github repos and YouTube channel - The Digital Life.

Christian Lempa - The Digital Life

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