Home My Proxmox journey begins [UPDATED]

My Proxmox journey begins [UPDATED]

Introduction: Moving from ESXi to Proxmox

Some time ago, now, I set up ESXi on an Intel NUC in my homelab - with a little help from a friend ;-) I installed the first VM: pfSense. This is just an awesome firewall and I’ll be sure to write about that in the future.

Anyway, I never really found ESXi was easy for me to work with. Specifically it was cumbersome to update and I had to roll-back the NIC driver after each update and it was almost necessary to have a monuitor attached.

I was never really happy with my backup solution. I had a Windows VM with VEEAM installed. No doubt, VEEAM is pretty much the best you can use, but for my homelab I just wanted something else. I don’t have any extra Windows licenses, so I also had it set up in a non-activated VM with a limited lifespan to follow. And it didn’t work with my pfSense - restore always failed and I never found out why.

So, let me try Proxmox I thought!


In an effort to collect snippets, code, configurations etc. on Github, rather than my blog, I decided to give this blog post an update and link to the repo in stead. It’s also updated with a paragraph on how to add a QDevice to a two-node cluster to ensyre it is quorate.

My Proxmox Basic Setup can be found here.

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